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Re: Job frozen

Before you delete again, can you create a gist of job yaml so we can see what's exploded?

Try `oc delete job/thejob --cascade=false --loglevel=6`.  That should avoid any reaping waits and provide some debug info if it still doesn't work.  Once that happens, you will be left with cleaning up the rest of what the job created by hand.

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 4:03 PM, Philippe Lafoucrière <philippe lafoucriere tech-angels com> wrote:

We had a severe issue while using a job on OS 1.1. Apparently, the job retried like crazy, and the console started to be unresponsive. We are seeing pod being created/deleted at a ~5 pod/s rate.
All pods are now unavailable in this project.

Also, we can't remove the job:

$ oc delete job thejob
error: timed out waiting for the condition

The job is apparently now too big for OS:

$ oc get job thejob -o yaml|wc -l

oc edit is not better:

"/tmp/oc-edit-knz5o.yaml" 65L, 1904C written

Error: the Job thejob could not be updated: 502:  (unhandled http status [Request Entity Too Large] with body []) [0]
You can run oc update -f /tmp/oc-edit-knz5o.yaml to try this update again.

oc replace with a temp file, same result :(

Any hint to fix that? I guess the last resort is to remove the project completely?


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