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almost there


For the record, I want to field-test using OpenShift Origin together with fabric8 for the deployment of a prototype application for a client. I am almost fully set up.

I have a few remaining head-scratchers for which I would really appreciate some help.

- I couldn't find a way to create a one-server-install with the ansible provisioning scripts (which are great); did I miss something?

both questions below refer to the prerequisites page.

- In the current configuration (one master + 1 node), it looks like all the workload will go the node, leaving the master relatively lightweight. Does it mean that in a master/node setup, on can reserve less RAM for the master then the required 8Gb? In other words, the 8Gb that are mentioned in the requirements, do they stand for the minimum total required memory for a cluster or is it a -per node requirement?

- I realized that last time I didn't execute the required pre-installation steps (which include setting up docker for instance) but this didn't seem to pose any problems. Should I scratch everything and start over? One worrying aspect is this thing about docker storage, which I don't really get...

Thank you for the help so far and looking forward to get some real work done soon :-)



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