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Re: Application Level Metrics?

There is the Rest API which you could use to discovery all pods for a given project/build/deploymentconfig.

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On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 9:01 PM, John Skarbek <jskarbek rallydev com> wrote:
Can anyone speak up and provide some level of detail as to how they approach the problem of collecting and reporting on metrics provided by their applications?  Or perhaps red hat has some recommended way of doing such?

I ask as the solution our company has built in the past is very strict and tied to hosts.  Previously, applications lived on specific hosts.  So it was easy to build a solution that grabbed metrics from a node.  Now with kubernetes, applications live on multiple nodes and can easily move around to other nodes.  This removes our ability to continue using the old solution.  I'm curious how people in the community might have implemented any such solution.


John Skarbek

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