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can't get mysql cartridge to work


I created my own cluster using ansible (full install log here). Everything seems to be working fine except I can't seem to launch a mysql server. I tried both mysql-persistent and -ephemeral. In both cases I will end up having one pod showing and "flashing" from blue to orange and vice-versa.

Here's the log from my latest attempt at installing mysql-ephemeral on my test environment. Is there a way that I can access more verbose logs? This isn't nearly enough to understand a malfunction like this.


3:01:19 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Back-off restarting failed docker container (17 times in the last 3 minutes, 20 seconds)
3:00:59 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Container image "docker.io/centos/mysql-56-centos7 sha256:6d8562ea408b2f674b735b4e78550934b26c4913bb2e61757aa749008cee0cb8" already present on machine (6 times in the last 3 minutes, 16 seconds)
3:00:59 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 692e580331fe
3:00:59 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 692e580331fe
2:59:29 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 2a3db4ea71a5
2:59:29 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 2a3db4ea71a5
2:58:39 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 97173a0da91c
2:58:39 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 97173a0da91c
2:58:09 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 9a8fac130fe6
2:58:09 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 9a8fac130fe6
2:57:50 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 0874ac6c4ae6
2:57:50 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 0874ac6c4ae6
2:57:49 PMmysql-1-deployError syncing pod, skipping: failed to delete containers ([exit status 1])
2:57:49 PMmysql-1-deployKilling with docker id b410bb3266f3
2:57:44 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 24df27c8eda0
2:57:44 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 24df27c8eda0
2:57:43 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Successfully assigned mysql-1-0kkx6 to apps.intrinsic.world
2:57:43 PMmysql-1Created pod: mysql-1-0kkx6
2:57:43 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Started with docker id 75267e329dac
2:57:43 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Created with docker id 75267e329dac
2:57:42 PMmysql-1-0kkx6Container image "openshift/origin-pod:v1.1.0.1" already present on machine
2:57:41 PMmysql-1Error updating deployment test/mysql-1 status to Pending
2:57:41 PMmysql-1-deployStarted with docker id cd9b44284684
2:57:41 PMmysql-1-deploySuccessfully assigned mysql-1-deploy to apps.intrinsic.world
2:57:41 PMmysql-1-deployCreated with docker id cd9b44284684
2:57:40 PMmysql-1-deployContainer image "openshift/origin-deployer:v1.1.0.1" already present on machine
2:57:40 PMmysql-1-deployStarted with docker id b410bb3266f3
2:57:40 PMmysql-1-deployCreated with docker id b410bb3266f3
2:57:39 PMmysql-1-deployContainer image "openshift/origin-pod:v1.1.0.1" already present on machine

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