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Re: Dockerfile in OpenShift

Hi Den,

You don't need to "translate" the Dockerfile to a template. Instead, you can create a Docker build that will build an image out of the Dockerfile and can be deployed in OpenShift.


You can also create a template that will automated the creation of a BuildConfig, a DeploymentConfig, a Service, etc, see this example:

In the example, the BuildConfig.spec.source refers to a git repository that contains a Dockerfile. You can also use an inline Dockerfile as a source of your BuildConfig:

Rodolfo Carvalho

OpenShift Developer Experience

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 8:43 AM, Den Cowboy <dencowboy hotmail com> wrote:
Hi, I have some Docker images and a Dockerfile.
Now they want to deploy their containers in OpenShift.
Is it possible to translate a whole dockerfile to an OpenShift-template?

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