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Re: routing/vhost alias


Thanks for reply. Am aware of this command but am not sure this is what am looking

We have 2 URL for every application. 1st one is generated by openshift router and 2nd one client generated. Client generated URL simple a pointer to our DMZ reverse proxy servers. Once initial traffic landed in DMZ and proper security filtering, proxied back to openshift url. 

For this setup to work, openshift side should have an alias which is matching 1st URL for routing to work. In case of apache, it was done using vhost server alias mechanism. Since 3.x use HAProxy based router, am thinking we should have equivalent setup by matching Host header of 1st URL. At this moment HAProxy Router has ACL which are matching 2nd openshift Host Header.  Without ACL entry matching 1st URL, HAProxy won’t be abel to proxy to end points.  You will get 503 error etc unless we do a Host header conversion from 1st URL to 2nd at RP layer. 

Hope it helps. 

Srinivas Kotaru

From: Dale Bewley <dale bewley net>
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 7:21 PM
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Subject: Re: routing/vhost alias

Try `oc expose service app --hostname=alias-FQDN`, and assuming you point alias-FQDN at your default openshift-FQDN, the route should work.

----- On Jan 19, 2016, at 5:47 PM, Srinivas Naga Kotaru (skotaru) <skotaru cisco com> wrote:

In OSE 2.X we have a alias concept for routes. User or admin can create an alias ( apache vhost definition) for an application and create a DNS recored to point to upstream load balancer. This was so flexible if user FQDN is different than openshift created http url (  example http://<app>-<domain>.domain). 

In 3.X we have router instead of apache node proxy. Can user or admin create similar alias entries?

The reason am asking, client facing virtual are different than openshift generated URL’s for each app in our environment.  We need a mechanism to map/proxy client facing url to openshift generated URL. Thus, it requires or have same Host header at backend using VHOST serveralias or HAProxy using some ACL definition etc. 

Srinivas Kotaru

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