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Re: Install OpenShift Origin on AWS

If you ever want to run containers on the master (which btw is fine), you'll want that dedicated volume.  I suggest you set it up that way out of the gate to avoid hassles.
If you don't, you end up with the loop-lvm driver which tends to be slower than others (might be OK for your case).

Here is the documentation for configuring docker storage on RHEL:

On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 4:29 AM, Den Cowboy <dencowboy hotmail com> wrote:
When I want to install OpenShift Origin the documentation is telling me that only nodes need the aditional storage for docker (so I'm adding an extra volume). This seems not necessary for masters (because they're not going to store docker containers etc.) But the masters have to know Docker. Do you have to install Docker on the same volume? (one volume for a master?).

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