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Re: port 53 and dnsmasq

Port 53 is reserved for the Domain Name System (DNS).

In your case it is the DNS cacher "/usr/sbin/dnsmasq" of the package
dnsmasq-base that's causing this error message.

This pre-installed package is a dependency of network-manager, the
Network Manager of your desktop environment (e.g. Unity, GNOME, …).

If you'd like to keep NetworkManager alive, you can create a custom DNS
in order to move the SkyDNS server to a different port (i.e. 8053) and
have the dnsmasq server forward local requests to it by installing
dnsmasq (fully) and following these guides:

- http://red.ht/1Im8qLI
- http://bit.ly/1J5FCHf

Otherwise, consider the following comments - http://bit.ly/23x4NK2 -
before attempting to remove dnsmasq-base or kill port 53.


On 01/28/2016 10:03 PM, Dean Peterson wrote:
> I installed RHEL 7.2 from scratch, then installed Docker and downloaded and
> started Openshift 1.1.1.  I had been having trouble getting this version to
> run reliably.  I noticed just recently on startup it was complaining about
> port 53 already being bound.  I saw that dnsmasq was using the port.  I
> killed dnsmasq and restarted openshift.  Now when I look to see what is
> using port 53; openshift is (as I would expect).  I am wondering; does RHEL
> 7.2 start dnsmasq or does installing the latest version of docker available
> to RHEL start it?  It seems, Openshift being closely linked to RHEL, this
> should be known and mentioned prominently - dnsmasq should be stopped
> before starting Openshift.
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