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Re: port 53 and dnsmasq

Oh boy, well thank you for the information.  I looked at my old machine running openshift origin 1.0.7 and it has dnsmasq running on port 53 and things seem to work fine.  External traffic routes to my containers running in openshift.  Also, I did have my setup running on this new machine for a couple of days and things with dnsmasq running on 53 seemed to work too.  Is giving port 53 over to openshift really necessary?

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 10:28 PM, Michael Surbey <msurbey redhat com> wrote:
Port 53 is reserved for the Domain Name System (DNS).

In your case it is the DNS cacher "/usr/sbin/dnsmasq" of the package
dnsmasq-base that's causing this error message.

This pre-installed package is a dependency of network-manager, the
Network Manager of your desktop environment (e.g. Unity, GNOME, …).

If you'd like to keep NetworkManager alive, you can create a custom DNS
in order to move the SkyDNS server to a different port (i.e. 8053) and
have the dnsmasq server forward local requests to it by installing
dnsmasq (fully) and following these guides:

- http://red.ht/1Im8qLI
- http://bit.ly/1J5FCHf

Otherwise, consider the following comments - http://bit.ly/23x4NK2 -
before attempting to remove dnsmasq-base or kill port 53.


On 01/28/2016 10:03 PM, Dean Peterson wrote:
> I installed RHEL 7.2 from scratch, then installed Docker and downloaded and
> started Openshift 1.1.1.  I had been having trouble getting this version to
> run reliably.  I noticed just recently on startup it was complaining about
> port 53 already being bound.  I saw that dnsmasq was using the port.  I
> killed dnsmasq and restarted openshift.  Now when I look to see what is
> using port 53; openshift is (as I would expect).  I am wondering; does RHEL
> 7.2 start dnsmasq or does installing the latest version of docker available
> to RHEL start it?  It seems, Openshift being closely linked to RHEL, this
> should be known and mentioned prominently - dnsmasq should be stopped
> before starting Openshift.
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