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Re: Chicken or the egg causality dilemma (Authorization Policies)

Hi Harrison,

On 07/05/2016 02:20 PM, N. Harrison Ripps wrote:
> You can do this as the system:admin user, which is the built-in cluster
> "superuser". In order to login as system:admin, you have to be SSH'd
> into (one of) your master(s) as the root user:
> [root master example com <mailto:root master example com> ~] oc log in -u
> system:admin
> This account has no password but is only available from the shell of a
> master with you as the root user.
> Once you've done that, you can run the add-role-to-user command that you
> were attempting.

thank for your answer.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Olaf Radicke


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