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Re: Binding service account to project-local roles

A policy binding object name consists of the namespace where the roles are defined (or the empty string for cluster-level roles) and the name of the policy object (which is currently pinned to "default").

When you created (or overwrote) the ":default" policy binding object, it removed bindings to cluster-level roles, which likely removed your user's access to the project.

To bind to roles defined in "role-namespace", create a policy binding object named "role-namespace:default".

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Alex Wauck <alexwauck exosite com> wrote:
I want to bind a service account defined in one project to a role defined in another.  Apparently, I need to create a :default policybinding for the project containing the role.  I tried doing this, but then the project stopped showing up in the list of projects in the Web UI.  Why do I need this policybinding, and what does it need to contain in order to not break the Web UI?

I am running OpenShift Origin 1.2.0.

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