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Error message when exposing service with HA router

I set up an HA router based on the docs at https://docs.openshift.org/latest/admin_guide/high_availability.html#admin-guide-high-availability

Everything seemed to work fine, however when I exposed a deployed example I get an error message in the status:

[root oso-master ~]# oc status -v
In project test on server https://oso-master.libvirt:8443

http://deployment-example-test.router.default.svc.cluster.local to pod port 8080-tcp (svc/deployment-example)
  dc/deployment-example deploys istag/deployment-example:latest
    deployment #1 deployed 40 hours ago - 1 pod

  * route/deployment-example is routing traffic to svc/deployment-example, but either the administrator has not installed a router or the router is not selecting this route.
    try: oc adm router -h
  * dc/deployment-example has no readiness probe to verify pods are ready to accept traffic or ensure deployment is successful.
    try: oc set probe dc/deployment-example --readiness ...

View details with 'oc describe <resource>/<name>' or list everything with 'oc get all'.

After spending a few hours trying to figure out what the issue was, I finally just tried to test access to the service from outside through the HA router that was set up and it seemed to work. Can anyone point me to where I would look to determine what is actually causing the error?

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