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Back-off pulling image "/origin-logging-curator sha256:b89cbdfc4e0e7d594f7a49c7581ae3f75b9d0313fce2ed8be83ee5c0426af72d"


We are using our own registry which contains some necessary origin-images for us.
We already deployed the router, registry and cluster metrics using our regisry:

The images are all in the form of:

Now I try to deploy a logging project:
After starting the logging deployer template (in which I described our registry + v1.2.0) it starts pulling the origin-logging-deployer image which is fine.

Than everything seems to start but:
Back-off pulling image "myregistry.com/company/origin-logging-elasticsearch sha256:5ad3b9e964ec6e420ac047be6ae96bf04abe817d94a7d77592af1c119543b37b"
(manifest unknown: manifest unknown)

In the deploymentconfig is also the image with the @sha
This is happening for each image of our deployment (es, kibana, fluentd, ..)

Why is it adding that @sha after our image?

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