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Re: Atomic Centos, can't upgrade

We have updated our beta cluster to latest atomic centos:

-bash-4.2# atomic host status
  TIMESTAMP (UTC)         VERSION        ID             OSNAME                 REFSPEC
* 2016-07-07 21:23:41     7.20160707     cd47a72eb5     centos-atomic-host     centos-atomic-host:centos-atomic-host/7/x86_64/standard
  2016-06-10 13:15:00     7.20160610     3c3786d1dd     centos-atomic-host     centos-atomic-host:centos-atomic-host/7/x86_64/standard

GPG: Found 1 signature on the booted deployment (*):

  Signature made Thu Jul  7 23:34:40 2016 using RSA key ID F17E745691BA8335
  Good signature from "CentOS Atomic SIG <security centos org>"

And the problem re-appeared:

Jul 10 01:40:08 atomic-test-node-1 origin-node[3150]: I0710 01:40:08.000177    3201 manager.go:1400] Container "0cf256d23de1b837a295233491e6650c90519fa2d0807d37f95a8164a842257b gemnasium-enterprise/gemnasium-enterprise-7-8unp4" exited after 121.527557ms
Jul 10 01:40:08 atomic-test-node-1.priv.tech-angels.net origin-node[3150]: E0710 01:40:08.000243    3201 pod_workers.go:138] Error syncing pod 6e4dd3f7-462d-11e6-89a2-005056b17dcc, skipping: failed to "SetupNetwork" for "gemnasium-enterprise-7-8unp4_gemnasium-enterprise" with SetupNetworkError: "Failed to setup network for pod \"gemnasium-enterprise-7-8unp4_gemnasium-enterprise(6e4dd3f7-462d-11e6-89a2-005056b17dcc)\" using network plugins \"redhat/openshift-ovs-multitenant\": exit status 1; Skipping pod"

Running the playbook doesn't seem to fix the problem this time. I've seen docker has been updated to 1.10, could it be an issue?

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