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Re: Atomic Centos, can't upgrade

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 10:27 AM, Scott Dodson <sdodson redhat com> wrote:
Lets say openshift-ansible for now.

ok thanks
I suspect that adding `-v /etc/sysconfig/docker:/etc/sysconfig/docker`
to ExecStart in /etc/systemd/system/origin-node.service will fix this,
also verify that you've got `-v
/usr/bin/docker-current:/usr/bin/docker-current` too but the current
installer should take care of that. After you've added that `systemctl
daemon-reload && systemctl restart origin-node`

I think that's exactly what https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible/pull/2037 is supposed to do, and while it was allowing the previous atomic update, it's not working this time :(

It's already there on our nodes:

 -bash-4.2# cat /etc/sysconfig/origin-node-dep
DOCKER_ADDTL_BIND_MOUNTS=--volume=/usr/bin/docker-current:/usr/bin/docker-current:ro --volume=/etc/sysconfig/docker:/etc/sysconfig/docker:ro

This is actually fixed in the v1.3 images because docker runs chroot /rootfs.

yes, but 1.3 is still Alpha, we can't install it on our production clusters.


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