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OpenShift origin: internal routing with services


At the moment we have a setup like this:
project A
project B

project A contains a pod A which needs an API which is running in pod B in project B.
Pod A has an environment variable: "api-route.xxx.dev/api"
So when I'm going to that route in my browser I'm able to see the API and this works fine (okay we're able to configure https route etc)

But we'd like to keep everything internally. So without using routes. So thanks to the ovs-multitenant-pluging we're able to "join" the networks of our projects (namespaces). And I'm able to ping to from inside pod A to the service of my pod B in project B.
ping api-service.project-b
api-service.project-b.svc.cluster.local (172.30.xx.xx) 56(84) bytes of data.  

So we're able to access the pod from its service without using an external route.
But like I told in the beginning. Our API is on api-route.xxx.dev/api so I have to go to something like 172.30.xx.xx:8080/api.

Is there a way to obtain this goal? So we try to connect to a 'subpath' of our service without using routes.
Is this possible?


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