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Re: origin byo via ansible - etcd wrong IP

If you are using ansible > 2.0, then you would set 'ansible_host' for each host. If using ansible < 2.0, then the variable is 'ansible_ssh_host'

Jason DeTiberus 

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 10:12 AM, Miloslav Vlach <miloslav vlach rohlik cz> wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to install one master and two nodes to my virtual box. I have problem with setting the primary IP address.

All my VM have two interfaces: (master NAT) and (host only).

When I run the ansible-playbook I got error with etcd, which tries to connect to the There is nothing. How can I setup the IP address ?

My inventory looks like this


master openshift_ip= openshift_public_ip=


master openshift_ip= openshift_public_ip=


master openshift_node_labels="{'region': 'infra', 'zone': 'default'}" openshift_ip= openshift_public_ip=

node1 openshift_node_labels="{'region': 'primary', 'zone': 'default'}" openshift_ip=  openshift_public_ip=

node2 openshift_node_labels="{'region': 'primary', 'zone': 'default'}" openshift_ip=  openshift_public_ip=

When I manually change the master-config.yaml, the etched starts working. But I can’t do this by the ansible.


  ca: master.etcd-ca.crt

  certFile: master.etcd-client.crt

  keyFile: master.etcd-client.key



Thanks Mila

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