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Re: What actually is required for DNS and Origin?

Josh Berkus wrote on 07/22/16 00:21:
On 07/21/2016 02:07 PM, Aleksandar Kostadinov wrote:

Then use plain IPs for nodes and masters. Then use xip.io for automatic
generated DNS names pointing at your NAT router. Make sure NAT router
forwards 80 and 443 to OpenShift cluster 80 and 443 ports respectively
of working router node(s).

Thanks for that.  I didn't know about xip.io before.

Btw running the app DNS in OpenShift is not exactly catch 22. If you
know the subdomain name beforehand (which is easy), then you use that
subdomain in openshift configuration while installing. Then you start a
DNS pod (you'll have to use node ports feature to expose it to the
outside world) to serve that subdomain.

I might need to set this up, just because I need the cluster to work
even if it has no internet.

The router subdomain is non-mandatory. You just get faux DNS names when you create routes (aka expose services). You can still create routes with custom DNS. The main point here is to make it easy for client machines to access the exposed services.

That means you can add 'hosts' entries on the client machine to specific routes, point client machine at custom DNS server that will resolve things as usual but also resolve your special subdomain... actually these are the two options I can think about off the top of my head ... and xip.io of course (or some other external public DNS service under your control where you can dynamically create domains during environment provisioning; but then you again need internet).

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