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Re: Watch routes filter deleted

It's not a spurious event… it is the delete event. The API is
returning the indication the object was deleted in the watch event
type. Could you use the watch API directly, rather than the yaml
output from kubectl?

I don't think I'd consider it a bug… more a kubectl feature request to
only include certain event types when watching. Then you could pipe
add/modify events to one handler, and delete events to another.

On Jul 22, 2016, at 5:13 PM, Tobias Florek <openshift ibotty net> wrote:

>> That is correct.  If you delete non-pods they go away instantly.
> ... and the spurious event, just before they are deleted, that looks
> like a regular status update, can't be suppressed atm?
> I'll have to check for existence explicitly then.
> Should I file a bug?
> Thank you,
> Tobias Florek
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