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Docker layering for jenkins image issue


While going through the documentation for using jenkins image, I found that we can use the updated image of jenkins by:

Now i found docker layering to be ideal in my case since I have created a new project and made many configurations to make it work.

I ran the below command for getting the new image

# docker commit -m "my message" <containerid> <new image name:tag>

I pushed it to my local registry and used it to create a new application in openshift.

It did get deployed, but the jenkins image doesn't contain any of my changes...

comparing the history of both the original image and the modified image, it looks like it did add a new layer:

IMAGE                  CREATED             CREATED BY                                                  SIZE                COMMENT
e99517b97a3e        21 hours ago        /usr/libexec/s2i/run                                         1.886 MB            jenkins 3rd attempt
c014669e27a0        11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) LABEL io.openshift.builder-   0 B                

So finally coming to my question, am I missing something while creating a new docker layer for my jenkins image?

Or should i just use Source to image builder for my changes?

Thanks & Regards,


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