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Re: Docker layering for jenkins image issue

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Akshaya Khare <khare ak husky neu edu> wrote:

While going through the documentation for using jenkins image, I found that we can use the updated image of jenkins by:
  • Use Docker layering.

  • Use the image as a Source-To-Image builder

Now i found docker layering to be ideal in my case since I have created a new project and made many configurations to make it work.

I ran the below command for getting the new image

# docker commit -m "my message" <containerid> <new image name:tag>

​first of all i'd strongly discourage you from creating images in this way since you don't have a recreatable pattern.  you should definitely create a dockerfile if you're going to extend an image (or use s2i).

I pushed it to my local registry and used it to create a new application in openshift.

​what did you tag it as an how did you create the new application?

It did get deployed, but the jenkins image doesn't contain any of my changes...

​how did you deploy the new image?​

comparing the history of both the original image and the modified image, it looks like it did add a new layer:

IMAGE                  CREATED             CREATED BY                                                  SIZE                COMMENT
e99517b97a3e        21 hours ago        /usr/libexec/s2i/run                                         1.886 MB            jenkins 3rd attempt
c014669e27a0        11 days ago         /bin/sh -c #(nop) LABEL io.openshift.builder-   0 B                

So finally coming to my question, am I missing something while creating a new docker layer for my jenkins image?

​i'm guessing you just didn't actually deploy your new image, but we'll need some more details about your steps to know for sure.

Or should i just use Source to image builder for my changes?

Thanks & Regards,


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