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Re: master url - intermediate certficate

That is how you specify the intermediate, but it sounds like you may have changed certificates, not just appended an intermediate. Does the key in servingInfo.keyFile match the first cert in the specified cert bundle now?

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 6:28 AM, Miloslav Vlach <miloslav vlach rohlik cz> wrote:

I would like to install the intermediate certificate for the master public url (8443/console).

There is no entry in the ansible installation nor in master-config.yaml.

I tried to create two certififace in one file (cat mysite.crt alphassl.crt > chain.crt) and setup up them in assetConfig.servingInfo/certFIle and servingInfo.certFile, servingInfo.namedCertificates.certFile.

After restarting the master I got error that public key doesn’t match to the private key.

How can I specify the intermediate certificate ?

Thanks Mila

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