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Ansible-openshift - Libvirt cluster create fails

Not sure this is the right forum for my question, but I could not find
a more appropriate one...
I an trying to work with "openshift-ansible".

Most examples I found are busy talking about the "established" cloud
providers - so, not much help, there...
However, I find the most convenient "provider", by far, to be
"libvirt". Especially for testing and development - since it comes as a
default package group in most distributions.

So, I have been trying - for a few days, now - to create a libvirt
cluster but all my attempts have been unsuccessful !

In the debugging process, I found some hard-coded variables in the
playbooks (would those qualify as errors?), but I cannot find a way to
go past one annoying error:

In the "task-book"     "roles/openshift_repos/tasks/main.yaml":
fatal: [danield-master-4206c]: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "The
conditional check 'not openshift.common.is_containerized | bool' failed

The error was: error while evaluating conditional (not
openshift.common.is_containerized | bool):
    'openshift' is undefined
The error appears to have been in '/home/daniel/ansible-ws/openshift
-ansible/roles/openshift_repos/tasks/main.yaml' at line 10  (assert)

I understand that the variable "openshift" is set by the
"openshift_facts" module, defined in "roles/openshift_facts/library".
But I, also, see the task that sets the "openshift" variables being
SKIPPED, and do not understand why !

(By the way, the VMs are being built and started just fine)

Could anyone help me? I would, really, appreciate it !




Daniel Dumitriu

daniel dumdan com
Mobile:    +1-416-318-2487

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