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Re: logging-fluentd-template: use own image

On 06/02/2016 06:07 AM, Lorenz Vanthillo wrote:
I'm busy with setting up logging on OpenShift Origin 1.1.6.
At the moment I have the base setup with the help of templates and the documentation about aggregating logging.
This was all fine. But now have edited our  fluentd image.
Now we try to use the existing template to deploy our image:
The name of the template is: logging-fluentd-template and it asks voor 2 parameters:
default: docker.io/openshift/origin-
default: latest

This is what's in the template:
- image: ${IMAGE_PREFIX}logging-fluentd:${IMAGE_VERSION}

- description: The image prefix for the Fluentd image to use
  value: docker.io/openshift/origin-
- description: The image version for the Fluentd image to use
  value: latest

But I try to use my own image (which is also called logging-fluentd and is inside my openshift registry)
So it looks something like this:
oc new-app logging-fluentd-template -p IMAGE_PREFIX=172.30.xx.xx:5000/logging/ IMAGE_VERSION=latest

I don't think oc new-app works this way in origin 1.1.6.  I think you have to do oc new-app logging first, then use oc process -v
IMAGE_PREFIX=172.30.xx.xx:5000/logging/,IMAGE_VERSION=latest logging-fluentd-template | oc create -f - to create the resources.

You also need to make sure you are using a version of origin-aggregated-logging that is compatible with origin 1.1.6

I also tried it inside the webconsole but also did not work. This was the error:
error: DaemonSet.extensions "logging-fluentd" is invalid: spec.template.spec.containers[0].image: Required value
What am I doing wrong?

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