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Re: OpenShift Origin: Kibana show indexes with additional string

Hi Den,

This is to address a security bug where if a user created an project and deleted it, if another user recreated the project of the same name they would be able to view the previous project's logs.

Due to the nature of Kibana and how our ACLs are enforced, we now include the project's UUID as part of the project name.

It was described, albeit hidden, in the manual upgrade steps of Aggregated logging here:

On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 1:26 AM, Den Cowboy <dencowboy hotmail com> wrote:
I've set up aggregated logging on OpenShift Origin.
It works fine but my Kibana show my projects in the following way:

  • .all
  • .operations.*
  • dev-proj1.1dd68e1e-1e8c-11e6-baf9-064081126234.*
  • dev-proj2.3cdda625-1da8-11e6-baf9-064081126234.*
  • dev-proj3.5e94ef86-1cf0-11e6-baf9-064081126234.*
  • dev-proj4.6cfe3919-28c8-11e6-8b8f-064081126234.*
  • dev-proj5.728abf75-019c-11e6-8b8f-064081126234.*

While it was shown this way (when we were using origin 1.1)

  • .all
  • .operations.*
  • dev-proj1.*
  • dev-proj2.*
  • dev-proj3.*
  • dev-proj4.*
  • dev-proj5.*

What's the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

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