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Re: Atomic Centos, can't upgrade


that's a known problem with known fix, but maybe some publicity around
it might be good.

> We have tried to update our atomic host centos 7, with the
> tree 3c3786d1dd (from the tree e39c28570a), but deployments are all
> failing after the updates on the nodes:
> Error syncing pod, skipping: failed to "SetupNetwork" for "some_deploy"
> with SetupNetworkError: "Failed to setup network for pod
> \"some_deploy(d080f8d4-3498-11e6-8512-005056b1755a)\" using network
> plugins \"redhat/openshift-ovs-subnet\": exit status 1; Skipping pod"

It's a problem that is fixed by either
 * reprovisioning via openshift-ansible, or
 * upgrading to openshift v1.3 (alpha or latest).

The problem is, that due to the docker-current/docker-latest diversion,
/usr/bin/docker is a shell script that needs /etc/sysconfig/docker, but
that is not mounted by the old origin-node systemd unit.

for the fix for origin pre 1.3. Origin v1.3 will run docker chrooted to
the host fs, so the problem does not manifest itself.

 Tobias Flore

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