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Hawkular Metrics

Trying to understand how an API can be crafted to get metrics and prepare custom dashboard. My metrics service is up and running, and seeing nice CPU and memory graphs against container metrics tab


Few questions around it


1.       If I don’t want to use console, can we use an API to get hawkular metrics and prepare custom dashboards?

2.       Can I feed hawkular data to any other custom systems to prepare graphs automatically rather we our self create graphs? Like zabbix, cacti or any other graphs generated systems?

3.       Am seeing cpu and memory, any other other metrics it will generate or expose?

4.       Finally, what Is the exact API call we can use to get metrics?


Am using below call and able to see lot of data, but not sure which are interesting fields or right API call


curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <token> -H "Hawkular-tenant: <project>" -X GET https://<url> /hawkular/metrics/metrics | jq





Srinivas Kotaru

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