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Ansible install: creation of ca.crt to authenticate on master

I've 2 Centos instances. They both have a public IP on eth0 (148.xx.xx.xx) and both have an internal IP (172.16.xx.xx) on eth1.
I'm able to create my cluster with my private IP inside my /etc/ansible/hosts file.

But when I try to login internally:
oc login https://172.xx.xx:8443
Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate is valid for 149.xx.xx.xx,, not 172.16.xxxx
I'm only able to authenticate with my public IP. What am I doing wrong?

This is my /etc/ansible/hosts file
# Create an OSEv3 group that contains the masters, nodes, and etcd groups

# Set variables common for all OSEv3 hosts

# uncomment the following to enable htpasswd authentication; defaults to DenyAllPasswordIdentityProvider
openshift_master_identity_providers=[{'name': 'htpasswd_auth', 'login': 'true', 'challenge': 'true', 'kind': 'HTPasswdPasswordIdentityProvider', 'filename': '/etc/origin/master/htpasswd'}]

# host group for masters

# host group for etcd

# host group for nodes, includes region info
172.16.0.ww openshift_node_labels="{'region': 'primary', 'zone': 'east'}"


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