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Home origin server CPU question - Hardware junkies

Howdy fine folks:

I am going to put together a single node (master/node) home server for origin use and have a quick question about best performance for origin for developer usage (mainly Java and Node.js builds/deploys)

Currently I am deciding between a single CPU Skylake i7 6700:

and using all consumer grade hardware which limits me to 64gb ram and would limit me to 4 cores / 8 threads.

Alternatively, I am thinking of doing a dual Xeon setup with this CPU:

Which would allow my to go up > 128gb ram and have 16 cores with 32 threads.

I know the Xeon is an older arch (Haswell) so it's two generations behind but I can't afford the latest xeon chips. 

So, the question is, better to have more cores/threads on older arch or skylake for origin workloads.


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