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Re: Home origin server CPU question - Hardware junkies

I might be inclined to say real cores would be better if you plan on actually running large multipod workloads.  But if you ever want to repurpose it the newer cores may be more generally useful.

On Oct 2, 2016, at 10:37 AM, Grant Shipley <gshipley redhat com> wrote:

Howdy fine folks:

I am going to put together a single node (master/node) home server for origin use and have a quick question about best performance for origin for developer usage (mainly Java and Node.js builds/deploys)

Currently I am deciding between a single CPU Skylake i7 6700:

and using all consumer grade hardware which limits me to 64gb ram and would limit me to 4 cores / 8 threads.

Alternatively, I am thinking of doing a dual Xeon setup with this CPU:

Which would allow my to go up > 128gb ram and have 16 cores with 32 threads.

I know the Xeon is an older arch (Haswell) so it's two generations behind but I can't afford the latest xeon chips. 

So, the question is, better to have more cores/threads on older arch or skylake for origin workloads.


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