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ErrImagePull on different node/region

Hi there.  

My deploy is getting an ErrImagePull error when trying to copy and deploy a project to a non-default region.

I have a small new cluster that has two regions.  One region is "default" and the other is our performance testing region.  A project I created in the performance testing region fails with ErrImagePull when deploying.  

This is what I have done:
  1. I built a development project in the default region.  It has a successfully building and deploying application in it.  
  2. I created 3 new empty projects in an attempt to copy the original project.  My goal is to have multiple copies of the same project for a deployment pipeline.
    1. I recreated the bc, dc, src, and routes by exporting from the development project and using "oc create" in the new projects to make the objects.  
    2. Two of these three new projects use the default node-selector, while the third project has a non-standard node selector in the namespace definition.
    3. I used the "oc tag" command to create an image stream that uses the same image as the development project.
      1. oc tag originalproject/vault:latest copyproject1/vault:latest
      2. oc tag originalproject/vault:latest copyproject2/vault:latest
      3. oc tag originalproject/vault:latest performancetestingproject/vault:latest
    4. This works fine in the projects that are set to the default region, but not on the project that is in the performance testing region.   I can see that the pods build on the right node, but that node does not appear to have the images or tags shown in the "docker images" output.
Surely I am doing something simple incorrectly.    I may not be understanding the proper way to use "tag" or how images work within openshift.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Gary Franczyk
Senior Unix Administrator, Infrastructure

Availity | 10752 Deerwood Park Blvd S. Ste 110, Jacksonville FL 32256
W 904.470.4953 | M 561.313.2866

Gary Franczyk availity com

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