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ansible origin playbook errata?


installing a new brand cluster on centos this afternoon y realized that is installing now version 1.3.0 ( ok so far )

when deploying the playbook from git master branch i got an error when checking if master API is up through a native master cluster ( haproxy )

the playbook is trying to connect to port 8443 on master load balancer ..but the haproxy.conf is set to listen on port 8843 .

taking a look on the haproxy.config deployed i also see that is trying to connect with masters using port 8843 but masters service is up and running on 8443 .. so checks fail and so masters are “down” from haproxy perspective.

i did realized that on the lb playbook ( playbooks/common/openshift-loadbalancer/config.yml ) the default port is set as 8843, changed it to 8443 and installation completes without any problem.

just in case it may help people installing right now because i think is an error on the playbooks

btw: is possible to install version 1.2.0 instead on 1.3.0 using the ansible procedure? i do not really trust 1.3.0 right now for my production environments :( and my staging environments are based on 1.2.x and i want them to be on the same version.


best regards

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