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Re: Does NFS PVC wipe existing data before attaching?

NFS mounts can be mounted directly into pods without being PVs like this:

  name: shared
    server: <server>
    path: <path>

If you are using NFS PVs, then the persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy
determines if the data is wiped when the PVC is released.  The default
value is "Retain".  It will not delete the data unless you set it to


Hope that answers your question!

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:19 AM, Dean Peterson <peterson dean gmail com> wrote:
> If I create a persistent volume claim using an NFS share that has existing
> data, will the data be wipded? Same thing with creating the persistent
> volume. Will the existing data be deleted. I want to make existing data
> accessible to multiple pods/containers in an NFS share. If I make a
> persistent volume pointing to that existing path. How do I get the
> persistent volume claim to access that existing path and make the containers
> with the claim see it?
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