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Re: source IP restriction on routes

Hi Sebastian

Depending on the granularity you want  you can deploy your routers on different nodes, group your routes according to the IPs you want to provide access from  and configure IPtables accordingly.
For a finer, app specific control you may want to look at network policies but they are still beta if I am not mistaken http://blog.kubernetes.io/2016/04/Kubernetes-Network-Policy-APIs.html?m=1

Best regards,


On 17 Oct 2016 11:41, "Sebastian Wieseler" <sebastian myrepublic com sg> wrote:
Hi guys,

Is it possible with router (s, sharding) to restrict access on IP level?

We want to expose various applications via various routers, but
restrict access via source IP addresses,
so that different source IP addresses can only access allowed applications.

How can we do that?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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