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Load balancing over multiple clusters


We are planning to install OCP 3.3 in two data centers. To reduce the failure domain we will deploy OCP in two clusters, one in each data center. As federated clusters isn't supported yet, we have to figure out a way to do the load balancing. The load balancing will be based on paths, and all TLS traffic is edge terminated.

As we do have F5's, we could use one common (redundant) F5 as entry point if there is a way for each cluster to update the pools with it's own pool members. AFAICT the current code doesn't support that (https://github.com/openshift/origin/blob/master/pkg/router/f5/plugin.go#L112). Using two partitions will probably work fine for the pools, but this requires the vservers in both partitions mapping to the same FQDN which (I've been told) doesn't work.

We have discussed using HAproxy in the clusters and F5's load balancing to the HAproxies. But as the F5's doesn't know details about what workload which runs in which cluster we might have a lot of failing inbound connections. One solution to that is to write a custom Controller which updates the pools on the F5, but that's not something we are keen to do.

If everything shipped with OCP can't be adapted to our need, what other possible solutions exist? What are others doing? 


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