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Re: Wrong resource consumption on scheduler

After giving the event log some thought, I realised that the 'Region fit failure' was a different error as 'Node didn't have enough resource', and realised that openshift is trying to force deployment onto node4.openshift.internal, a node I added recently. 

My nodes had these sets of labels: 


Removing the labels 'beta.kubernetes.io/arch=amd64,beta.kubernetes.io/os=linux' fixed the issue. 

Why is it so? 

Systems Engineer

VSee: frank vsee com | Cell: +65 9338 0035

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 3:50 PM, Frank Liauw <frank vsee com> wrote:

My pods are not deploying despite there being plenty of spare resources on my nodes; the event log on the pod seems to report much higher resource usage than what I'm seeing on my node: 

pod (redshiftlogger-14-8zaty) failed to fit in any node fit failure on node (node1.openshift.internal): Region fit failure on node (node2.openshift.internal): Region fit failure on node (node2.openshift.ncal): Region fit failure on node (node3.openshift.internal): Region fit failure on node (node4.openshift.internal): Node didn't have enough resource: Memory, requested: 2147483648, used: 32448771072, capacity: 32511942656

Node                               CPU Requests CPU Limits Memory Requests Memory Limits
----------   ------------ ---------- --------------- -------------
node1.openshift.internal  100m (1%) 100m (1%) 2560Mi (8%) 10Gi (33%)
node2.openshift.internal  100m (1%) 100m (1%) 5623141Ki (46%) 13487461Ki (111%)
node3.openshift.internal  200m (2%) 200m (2%) 7680Mi (48%) 15Gi (96%)
node4.openshift.internal  100m (1%) 100m (1%) 32448771072 (99%) 32448771072 (99%)
node2.openshift.ncal       100m (2%) 100m (2%) 4147483648 (25%) 4147483648 (25%)

Restarting the master didn't help; I restarted one of two masters. 

Systems Engineer

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