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Promoting deploymentconfigs etc. from dev->testing->production

All documentation I've seen so far shows how to build a Continuous Delivery pipeline by tagging a specific image for testing/deployment.

But apps consist of more than single images, they also consist of surrounding deployment configs, services etc. that combine all together into a working system.

How does one manage the promotion of the entire set of these through the entire CD pipeline?

In effect, I want to take a specific deploymentconfig from which a specific "known good" deployment in development was created, and clone that into testing -> production, along with related services and routes, except that image references should be rewritten to reuse the exact same "known good" images.

Is there a better procedure than "check if the definition of the deploymentconfig changed during the last cycle, and if so, `oc apply` the relevant changes to the testing/production projects before tagging the image"?

Pieter Nagel
Lautus Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Building 27, The Woodlands, 20 Woodlands Drive, Woodmead, Gauteng

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