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Re: Promoting deploymentconfigs etc. from dev->testing->production

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 8:59 AM, Pieter Nagel <pieter lautus net> wrote:
All documentation I've seen so far shows how to build a Continuous Delivery pipeline by tagging a specific image for testing/deployment.

But apps consist of more than single images, they also consist of surrounding deployment configs, services etc. that combine all together into a working system.

How does one manage the promotion of the entire set of these through the entire CD pipeline?

In effect, I want to take a specific deploymentconfig from which a specific "known good" deployment in development was created, and clone that into testing -> production, along with related services and routes, except that image references should be rewritten to reuse the exact same "known good" images.

​Yes this is a space we are actively investigating.  As you note, there are two parts to promotion, one being the promoted "content" (images, normally) and the other being the promoted "configuration".  Today for promoting configuration the basic flow would be to do an "oc export" from one environment and then "oc apply" those resources to your next environment (possibly with some manual transformation of the resources in between).  But Gabe and Justin from my team (on CC) are actively working on how we make that story better.  Keep an eye on these trello cards:


The first one is intended to develop some documentation that users can use today to manually go through promotion flows via oc export/apply/etc, but with more prescriptive direction.  The second represents our longer term vision to make promotion between environments a first class feature of OpenShift, with specific tools for accomplishing it.

​I'm sure Gabe and Justin would be very interested to hear more about your specific use case in order to ensure it is covered as they are thinking about this.


Is there a better procedure than "check if the definition of the deploymentconfig changed during the last cycle, and if so, `oc apply` the relevant changes to the testing/production projects before tagging the image"?

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