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Re: Dockers will be consuming large amount of memory

Yes, that should generally not be an issue.  Quota and limits should effectively box the containers, although you may want to use the downward API to tune your app (JVM or otherwise) to fit within the limits you specify at your container level. 

On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 4:05 AM, David Strejc <david strejc gmail com> wrote:
Dear all,

does anyone have experience with running "big microservices"?

We got scenario where we expect process in docker consuming about 120GB of RAM.

Let's say when I got server with 512GB of RAM will I be able to setup
Open Shift in a way
that it will deploy 4 running docker images onto individual nodes?

Many thanks.

David Strejc
t: +420734270131
e: david strejc gmail com

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