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Re: multiple master multiple etcd

On September 7, 2016 at 11:42:05, Julio Saura (jsaura hiberus com) wrote:

i am about building a new cluster with 2 masters and 3 etcd servers por HA .. 

my doubt is that i think i read somewhere in doc it is not recommended to have the external etcd servers in the same nodes than masters are running 

is this true? 

Not necessarily, this it totally up to your own definition of how you'd like to run your own infrastructure.  Openshift operates perfectly fine with this configuration.

what is the best approach? 2 masters in native HA + 3 different nodes por ectd or could it be possible to have just 3 nodes por master + etcd running along? 

thanks and sorry for the silly question. 

Best regards 

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