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Update command for ConfigMaps --from-file

Curious because I didn't see this in the help for ConfigMaps, but is there a method for updating ConfigMap keys with the --from-file argument?  My use case relates to the instructions for customizing the HAProxy router here: https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.2/install_config/install/deploy_router.html#using-configmap-replace-template

There's "oc create configmap customrouter --from-file=haproxy-config.template" but I don't see a similar "oc update configmap customrouter --from-file=haproxy-config.template" that would simply overwrite the config based on new value changes in the template file.  Is the practice here generally to delete the ConfigMap object and create a new one with the new data?

Also, I know we can manage this create/update via "oc create -f haproxy.template" that includes the entire Kubernetes object with encapsulated file template, but the --from-file option is certainly cleaner for management of this configuration.


Ben Pritchett

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