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Re: Using OpenShift registry.access.redhat.com/jboss-webserver-3/webserver30-tomcat7-openshift:1.2-12 image


John Skarbek

On September 13, 2016 at 07:03:18, Den Cowboy (dencowboy hotmail com) wrote:


We are using the image:

inside our OpenShift environment to deploy some .WARS.

Now we need to edit the dockerfile because one of our WARS expects another encoding than UTF-8.

How can I check which is the default encoding inside my container? Where is it stored?

Usually you can find this info by running the command `locale -a`.  If it's run without any arguments you can see what it is set to by default.

I don't see it as an environment variable. I only saw:

Which is an unreadable file for me.

This is to be expected.  This option is to assist java's random number generator.  This file produces random numbers.


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