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Re: Modifying existing advanced installation

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 4:07 AM, Lionel Orellana <lionelve gmail com> wrote:

I want to configure LDAP authentication on my existing cluster. 

Instead of manually modifying the master config file, can I add the new settings to my Ansible inventory and rerun the config playbook?

Yes, you can update your inventory and re-run Ansible. 
Does it know to only apply the new configuration?

It will re-run the entire config playbook. There are some steps that will not be applied automatically (certificate creation, router, registry, logging, metrics), and there are some tasks that may report "changed" when they have not actually modified anything. We are working on improving the roles for better suitability for ongoing configuration management.
Generally speaking, is this the best way to make changes to an existing cluster? 

It is the way that I would recommend, yes.




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Jason DeTiberus

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