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Re: Router Sharding


Current sharding documentation is very high level, doesn’t cover step by step actual real world use cases.


Anyway, I was succeeded to create 2 shards. Lot of questions on this topic on how to proceed next …


1.       How to tell a project that all apps created on this project should use router #1 or router #2?

2.       Now we have 3 routers (default created as part of installation + additional 2 routers created). How the ports work? 80, 443 & 1936 assigned to default router. I changed ports to 81/444/1937 and 82/445/1938 to respectively shad #1 #2. These ports open automatically or explicit action required?

3.       Ipfailover (floating VIP) bound to default router. Do we need to create additional IP failover pods with different IP’s and match to shad #1 and #2? Or can we share same IP failover pods with single floating VIP to newly created shad’s as well?



Srinivas Kotaru


From: Andrew Lau <andrew andrewklau com>
Date: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 7:41 PM
To: Srinivas Naga Kotaru <skotaru cisco com>, "users lists openshift redhat com" <users lists openshift redhat com>
Subject: Re: Router Sharding


There are docs here:



On Sat, 24 Sep 2016 at 06:13 Srinivas Naga Kotaru (skotaru) <skotaru cisco com> wrote:

Just saw 3.3 features blog




We’re rethinking of our cluster design and want to consolidate 1 cluster per data center. Initially we were planning off 2 cluster per data center to server internal and external traffic dedicated to its own cluster.


Consolidating to a single cluster per DC will offer multiple advantages to us.  We currently running latest 3.2.1 release


Router Sharding is available in 3.2.x branch or need to wait for 3.3? I was thinking this feature has been available from 3.x onwards as per documentation available. Not sure what is mean for upcoming 3.3.


We really want to take advantage of this feature and test ASAP. Current documentation is not clear or explains only high level.


Can you help me or point to right documentation which explains step by steps to test this feature?


Can we control routes at project level so that clients wont modifies to move their routes from prod to non-prod or internal to external routers?



Srinivas Kotaru

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