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how can I force rolling deployment without any change in deployment config

I created a deployment config and it is working fine.
However I made a few changes in a file mounted using persistent volume.
Somehow the changed file is not being loaded and old file is being used.

I found that to load the modified file, I need to do a new deployment.
I also found that unless I change somethign in my deploymentconfig.yaml, the rollign deployment is not triggered.
So my temporary solution was to change the file name on disk and reflect the same in deplymentconfig and trigger use "oc replace -f deploymentConfig.xml".

While this solves the problem, renaming the file on every deployment is way too risky

I tried inserting a pseudo element in YAML file as "buildnumber: 1", however changing this parameter does trigger the deployment either.

Is there a way for me to force reload the file from persistent volume or force deployment without renaming the file?

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