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Re: Get OpenShift API address


Do I understand you right that you want to add the external URL into the template via _javascript_ on the webconsole?

I don't think that this is currently possible.

Maybe you find some hints on this page.



Tako Schotanus <tschotan redhat com> schrieb am 04.04.2017:
So I know you can use "openshift.default.svc.cluster.local" for accessing the OpenShift's console API internally from within a Pod.
We actually use that to create a new project for the same user, but now we want to redirect the user to that newly created project.
So my question is:

Is there a way to get the OpenShift console's _external_ IP/host from inside a Pod?

Right now we have to add a field to our template where we're basically telling the user: "could you look at the address bar of your browser and paste the hostname/IP-address you see there into this field?". Not very user-friendly :)




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