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Re: Build pod is failing to push the image to docker registry

Missing insecure-registry from nodes docker config


On 7 Apr 2017, at 6.59, Madhukar Nayakbomman <madhukarnayak08 gmail com> wrote:

Hello Experts,

I am a new bee to openshift world. Any help/assistance in solving the below problem is really appreciated.

We are creating an application using the below json file, however the build is failing with below error

input json: https://github.com/openshift/origin/blob/master/examples/sample-app/application-template-stibuild.json

Error: error: build error: Failed to push image: Get dial tcp getsockopt: no route to host

Version details:

[root a4s8 ~]# oc version
oc v3.4.1.10
kubernetes v1.4.0+776c994
features: Basic-Auth GSSAPI Kerberos SPNEGO

openshift v3.4.1.10
kubernetes v1.4.0+776c994

Build logs:

[root a4s8 ~]# oc logs ruby-sample-build-5-build -f
        Commit: 022d87e4160c00274b63cdad7c238b5c6a299265 (Merge pull request #58 from junaruga/feature/fix-for-ruby24)
        Author: Ben Parees <bparees users noreply github com>
        Date:   Fri Mar 3 15:29:12 2017 -0500
---> Installing application source ...
---> Building your Ruby application from source ...
---> Running 'bundle install --deployment --without development:test' ...
Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/..........
Installing rake 10.3.2
Installing i18n 0.6.11
Installing json 1.8.6
Installing minitest 5.4.2
Installing thread_safe 0.3.4
Installing tzinfo 1.2.2
Installing activesupport 4.1.7
Installing builder 3.2.2
Installing activemodel 4.1.7
Installing arel
Installing activerecord 4.1.7
Installing mysql2 0.3.16
Installing rack 1.5.2
Installing rack-protection 1.5.3
Installing tilt 1.4.1
Installing sinatra 1.4.5
Installing sinatra-activerecord 2.0.3
Using bundler 1.7.8
Your bundle is complete!
Gems in the groups development and test were not installed.
It was installed into ./bundle
---> Cleaning up unused ruby gems ...
Running post commit hook ...
/opt/rh/rh-ruby22/root/usr/bin/ruby -I"lib" -I"/opt/app-root/src/bundle/ruby/gems/rake-10.3.2/lib" "/opt/app-root/src/bundle/ruby/gems/rake-10.3.2/lib/rake/rake_test_loader.rb" "test/*_test.rb"
Run options: --seed 63498
# Running:
Finished in 0.000908s, 1101.1930 runs/s, 1101.1930 assertions/s.
1 runs, 1 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips
error: build error: Failed to push image: Get dial tcp getsockopt: no route to host


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