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Re: Scheduler policy in 3.6 (default and custom at install time)

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:28 AM, Per Carlson <pelle hemmop com> wrote:

We are in the process of rebuilding a cluster with a new topology, and I'm trying to fit the node labels to a scheduler policy, and would like to base the policy on the default one.

I've searched both the openshift/origin and and openshift/openshift-ansible repos on GitHub without finding any traces of what the default scheduler policy looks like. I can list it in a 3.5 cluster, but has things changed in 3.6? (after all, there are some new knobs in 3.6).
The scheduler default policy in 3.6 is not very different from 3.5. There is one new pedicate MaxAzureDiskVolumeCount in 3.6. So you could just reuse 3.5 default policy for 3.6 by adding this new predicate to the default list.

​Throws in a related second question too: Is there any simple way to pass a custom scheduler to the playbook (byo/openshift-cluster/config.yml) at install time?


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