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Better understanding of limits and quotas


I'm trying to play a bit with limits and quotas and generally I don't understand anything. 

I'm trying to build a test application and I get an error:
Failed to create build pod: pods "wordpress-1-build" is forbidden: failed quota: compute-resources: must specify limits.cpu,limits.memory,requests.cpu,requests.memory.. A new deployment will be created automatically once the build completes

I built it with providing:
request.cpu: 1
limits.cpu: 2
request:mem: 256Mi
limit.mem: 512Mi

My quotas look as follows:
[root master ~]# oc get quota
NAME                AGE
compute-resources   2d
object-counts       2d
[root master ~]# oc describe quota compute-resources 
Name:           compute-resources
Namespace:      limits
Resource        Used    Hard
--------        ----    ----
limits.cpu      0       10
limits.memory   0       2Gi
pods            0       4
requests.cpu    0       5
requests.memory 0       1Gi
[root master ~]# oc describe quota object-counts 
Name:                   object-counts
Namespace:              limits
Resource                Used    Hard
--------                ----    ----
configmaps              0       5
persistentvolumeclaims  0       1
replicationcontrollers  0       10
secrets                 9       10
services                1       10

What do I do wrong or can someone explain me how that should work? 

Thank you.


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