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Humanitarian Peace Project seeks OpenShift Expert

I own chose.community (it just redirects to a Wiki on my other domain, litmocracy.com) and would like software developed that runs on the server and creates a package that can be used to deploy the Wiki (and this replication software) to a new host. A friend suggested that we use OpenShift to build a mockup.

CHOSE recognizes and will be explicitly and loudly broadcasting the criminality of government, both as corruption and as the superstition of authority, so a setup that can quickly and easily be deployed to a new host after abuse from coercive authority would be ideal.

The plan is not to bend or break any laws. U.S. still has free speech, but when you use that right to shine a bright light on operations that demonstrate the innate criminality of government, the people in power start making stuff up, like what these lying judges did, and what Nancy G Edmunds and Victoria Roberts did to Doreen Hendrickson.

The main project of CHOSE right now is making a longer documentary exploring the ways in which the income tax laws have been misrepresented so that the federal government collects a lot more than the law says it should (and can afford to lose trillions of dollars, blow stuff up in other countries to piss people off enough to create more terrorism, and justify larger budgets and more tyranny).

If this project looks interesting to you (or at least potentially profitable), please reply and let's connect.

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